Lax Classic 2015 Lax Series

Varsity / JV / Freshmen / 8th Grade Rules

2015 Allstate Sugar Bowl Lacrosse Classic
Varsity / Junior Varsity / Freshmen Tournament Rules

Sportsmanship: Expected of all players, coaches and fans.



1. Coaches will have the teams assembled and ready to take the field 15 minutes before game time.
2. NCAA Rules will apply if not noted. Louisiana High School Lacrosse League rule waivers do apply where applicable
3. No stick checks unless requested by head coach.
4. First team listed is the Visiting Team and will wear dark jerseys.

Game Play:

1. All games are two 20-minute periods with a continuously running clock with the exception of Varsity who will play two 22-minute running periods.
2. Halftime is 5 minutes.
3. One timeout of one-minute per period, per team is allowed. Game clock continues to run during any time out by a team.
4. Penalty time stops during timeout.
5. Player serving a penalty cannot reenter the field until the next live ball if his time expires while play is stopped.
6. No timeout during the last two minutes of a period.
7. Referee may stop play for injury or as needed. Game clock continues to run.
8. Penalties count as 1.5 times. 1 minute penalty = 1.5 minutes; technical, usually 30 seconds = 45 seconds.
9. Fields, Nets, Goals and field dimensions are accepted as provided.
10. Referees have on-field authority.
11. Tournament Director has final decision authority.

In the event of a tie the following tiebreakers will be applied in the order listed below:
   a) Point system - 3 points for a win / 1 point for a tie
   b) Head to head (2 way tie only / will not be used in the case of of a 3-way or more tie)
   c) Goals allowed
   d) Goals scored
   e) Coin toss